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When I was having medical problems in regards to my weight, Margo inspired me to achieve and maintain my target weight.”

Max C


“Before I working  with Margo I lacked motivation to lose weight.  I was able to lose 35 pounds by changing my thoughts.  Margo has helped me so much, I can now fit into clothes I have wanted to wear.  I  go swimming with confidence and ask for smaller portions when going out for dinner.  This has truly been a life changing experience.  I can now look at myself in the mirror and smile and all this was achieved by changing my thoughts.  That’s why I love working with Margo and recommend that you work with her too!

Samantha, South London UK


“What I love about working with Margo is her insightful ability to see possibilities where I couldn’t.  My first great achievement was very shortly after seeing her.  I had digestive problems, making eating very uncomfortable.  I no longer have this issue and I still can’t believe that all the problems I had were due to my thoughts and fears about food.

I feel so much better and can see the change in my body. I did have someone say that I have lost weight and of course this has worked wonders, so I am even more focused on the result, it is so lovely not to have any guilt or anxiety.   I highly recommend working with Margo.”

Angela, Isle Of Wight


“Without the help of Margo I would not be living the “good life” I am living now.  Margo helped me focus on what I really wanted, giving me the confidence to re-evaluate my home and work life.  This has resulted in a relocation to the countryside, whereby I grow my own produce and enjoy walks with my dog which allows me to keep fit and healthy.  With Margo’s coaching and encouragement I have been able to achieve my dream.”

Jan J


“Margo has been a complete inspiration to me.  Having no knowledge of how what you think creates your life and the Law of Attraction, at first she gently let me into the world of being positive and to look and think about a situation differently.  Gradually I began to change my way of thinking.  That’s when I noticed good things starting to come my way.  The most significant thing has been the severe illness of my amazing and much love dog, Libby.  She became ill and was really poorly.  After numerous trips to the vet, tests and biopsies, a diagnosis was given as to the problem.  On researching the condition the only treatment was steriods.  The condition is called canine masticatory muscle myositis.  When Libby was finally diagnosed Margo said to me you know what to do don’t you?  I knew exactly what she was thinking.  She said “you need to will her better!”  She told me to stroke her at every opportunity telling her quietly she was healed.  I did this over a week or two whilst we were waiting for the final blood test.  When the vet called he was amazed to learn that Libby had now overcome this condition on her own without the use of any medication.  As you can imagine I was over the moon!  This was the best thing I could have ever done for Libby.  Margo has shown me how I create my life with my thinking and my wish is for everyone to have the knowledge to do the same.”

Yvonne A


“Margo has been a complete inspiration.  After sharing my thoughts with Margo and her knowledge of the Law of Attraction, in January 2009 I declared “tonight I am going to meet Mr Right and he is the one I am going to marry.”  Yes you guessed it.  That night I met the man I married in the summer of 2011.”

Harriet Randall


“I look at a situation in a different way, so what was once seen as a bad situation I can now look at it in a different light.  I am grateful for everything in my life and feel better about myself.  I think happy thoughts.  I love life and all that it has to offer.”

Milly G


“It’s always lovely to have someone as you Margo, who believes anything is possible.  You have led me to specific tools I needed in my life.  I have gone on to learn so much and open my mind to receive more and share to help others.”

With Love Fo

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