Positive Affirmations

What is An Affirmation?

An affirmation is a statement.  You are stating emphatically the truth about yourself.  Every word you think and every word you speak is shaping your life.

Choosing supportive positive affirmations is essential for personal change.  Whilst some may say affirmations don’t work, the reason for this is when you choosing an affirmation to say which you may find hard to believe, you are pushing against every part of you.  Whilst you may want to believe them, deep within your, subconscious mind is running your life.  In order for an affirmation to work for you, you have to work the affirmation.

How To Make Your Affirmations Work For You

Every word you say about yourself, whether good or bad, is an affirmation.  You are literally programming yourself for success or failure.  Every time you say “I can’t”, “I don’t” or”I am” whatever you say or think next is an affirmation, so choose your words wisely.  Choosing affirmations which resonate with you are essential.  If it feels good to you, use it all day every day.  When it feels good, your energy is soaring and your subconscious mind will do everything in it’s power to bring you what you want.

On the other hand, choose an affirmation you have emotional resistance to and you are creating blockages within you. That questioning part of your brain will do everything it can to analyze whether it it true or not.  It will do everything in its power to look for evidence from past incidences to reinforce why your affirmation is untrue, thereby building constant resistance.  Your subconscious mind will do everything it can to stick to it’s old program.

When you choose an affirmation which is believable for you, declare it out loud, in your thoughts or whatever feels right, because in that moment your emotions are making a magnetic connection to the Universe, to that intelligence who knows you so well and loves you so much.

Creating positive affirmations

Step 1: Choose an area in your life you would like to improve

If you have more than one area for improvement write them down and then choose the one that has less emotional charge.  You may wonder, why choose something that has less tension around it?   It is simply because choosing an area with less tension means you will have less resistance.  When you have less resistance you will see the evidence in your life which you can physically measure.  Once you see the evidence it will boost your confidence and your subconscious is more likely to work for you.

Step 2: Constructing your affirmation

Ensure you choose positive statements which are in the present, eg “I am”, “I have”.  You are declaring in this present moment what is now in your existence.  Any statements which state I am going, or I will be places the event in the future, endlessly.

Step 3: They say the pen is mightier than the sword

Write your affirmation.  There is something magical which happens when you write your affirmations down.  You are in that moment making a new neural in your brain.  Write your affirmation for 30 to 90 days and very shortly your life will change.  Be flexible and feel free to change your affirmation.  You mood changes from hour to hour, day to day and month to month so change your affirmation to accommodate your emotions.

Step 4: Have fun

Life is supposed to be fun.  The minute you decide you want to experience a life which brings you more of whatever it is that you want to bring you whatever makes you feel good, the Universe will respond to the feeling you put out and bring you more fun situations.

Affirmations for manifesting the life you love:



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