Meet Margo

Meet Margo Toppin

Your Breakthrough to the Life You Love Transformational Coach


Meet Margo Toppin

Margo Toppin is the founder and Visionary of Now Think and Be . She is a Transformational Breakthrough Coach who has created inspirational thought based products specifically for her clients.

Known for her spiritual based principals of life to manifest change, Margo works with heart centered entrepreneurs and individuals who are struggling in certain areas of their business or who are facing a crisis in their life and are ready to create substantial change.   I help you move from merely thinking about what you want to achieving it; releasing self sabotaging blocks, limiting beliefs and moving into successful outcomes.

Back to Basics

Margo is often asked what is a transformational coach. She provides a valuable insight into how thoughts and emotions can transform relationships, health and financial situations. Margo specializes in bringing about change with her back to basics approach.

Margo was in her 40′s when she found the one critical factor that eliminates self-sabotaging behavior. It was simply changing the way you think. Seems too easy? It requires patience, mindfulness and a love for yourself.

After having watched too many people struggle with life – weight challenges, relationship and financial issues which had left them feeling unhappy and unmotivated Margo has helped many to focus successfully on their goal, eliminate self- sabotaging habits, build a better relationship and live the life they love.

Your life is supposed to feel good.

You can make it happen when you know how…



“When I had my medical issue Margo inspired me to overcome it and achieve and maintain my target weight.”

- Max

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